ar Medical Emergencies for the Dental Surgery – Professional Conferences – Video Online [Dentists]

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Medical Emergencies for the Dental Surgery

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Although medical emergencies are rare occurrence the dental team need to be prepared for such an eventuality. This module provides the dental team with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage an emergency such as chest pain, asthma, anaphylaxis or a seizure. The module is built around three principles of prevention, preparation and finally practice. The presentation also emphasises the importance of teamwork and communication skills between the clinical and non-clinical members of the dental team. Working as a team not only improves the outcome for the patient but also builds confidence when dealing medical emergencies in the dental surgery.

Learning objectives

On completion of this video you should be able to:-

  • Appreciate the principles of prevention, preparation and practice in dealing with medical emergencies in the dental surgery
  • Appreciate the concept of taking a detailed medical history
  • Appreciate the importance of teamwork and leadership in managing a cardiac arrest
  • Understand the importance of the ABCDE assessment
  • Monitor patients using blood pressure and pulse oximetry
  • Understand emergency management of asthma
  • Understand emergency management of anaphylaxis
  • Understand emergency management of chest pain
  • Understand emergency management of a stroke
  • Understand emergency management of a seizure
  • Understand emergency management of a hypoglycaemic attack
  • Increased communication skills for referral and debrief

This talk satisfies the GDC’s learning outcomes:

  • C – Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice
  • D – Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patients’ interests first



Dr Chet Trivedy qualified as a dentist in 1993 and after working in general dental practice and oral and maxillofacial surgery he completed he obtained his fellowship in dental surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons (FDS RCS Eng). He has a PhD in head and neck oncology from King’s College London. He completed his medical training and since then he has been working as a front line emergency physician and a lecturer in emergency medicine at Warwick Medical School. He has published widely with over 20 peer-reviewed publications and is a co-author of two-core textbooks on emergency medicine. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching doctors and dentists across the globe both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is a member of the Royal College of emergency medicine. He is passionate about cricket and is the lead clinician at the Kia Oval cricket ground.